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As a lawyer looking to return to practice after many years away from the profession, I found working with Carroll to be invaluable in terms of helping refine my focus and directing me on the all important first steps back to work. Carroll was very clear in presenting what I needed to do (and not do) to successfully re-establish myself professionally. All advice, on matters big and small, was incredibly useful and helped me to see things I could not see myself. Her perspective was enormously helpful in guiding me to explore areas that were not obvious to me and to be open to what could follow. She seemed to see both the big picture and the small picture and managed both seamlessly.
My own distance from the current workforce was intimidating and the first steps forward were fraught with great indecision and self-doubt, but Carroll’s steady and wise counsel helped move me forward in every way. I feel like she helped me make some great decisions and I only felt support, not pressure, from her. Once professionally situated, there were other issues that emerged which she counseled me through brilliantly, saving me from myself.
So much of her work with me was convincing me that my return to practice was indeed in reach and once I allowed myself to believe her, I was on my way.
– Attorney practicing higher education law

After being out of the law practice for almost 20 years, I had the good fortune of working with Carroll as part of an attorney re-entry program. Her wealth of knowledge and resources, coupled with her ability to see in me what I could not see in myself, proved invaluable in my search for a relatable career path and ultimately, a job.
Her insight and guidance were the pivotal factors in my transition back to the legal field. Carroll took the time to listen and understand my individual needs and strengths. She employed a passionate yet practical approach to the process and supplied me with the tools to effectively customize a search for the “perfect professional fit”.
Today I am happily working as an attorney with a wonderful White Plains firm. I credit Carroll with helping me to tap into my professional strengths and market myself confidently. She turned what could have been an arduous process into a wonderful experience.
–Attorney with small general practice firm

Carroll guided me every step of the way towards reaching my career goals. She was an effective and experienced career coach who tackled every issue with the utmost professionalism. Carroll gave me the tools to explore many different legal career opportunities and to ultimately find my dream position. I highly recommend Carroll as a consummate legal career coach!

–Attorney with municipal/environmental organization

Carroll’s counseling was invaluable to me as I prepared to enter a new practice area within the law. Her extensive knowledge of today’s legal market and expert guidance provided me with the assistance I needed to set and achieve my professional goals. Carroll tirelessly provided the support I needed throughout this process.
–Attorney practicing telecommunications law

I’d like to offer my unqualified recommendation of Carroll Welch as an invaluable resource during my professional and personal transformation!
During my recent career transition, Carroll brought an organized, meaningful and systematic approach to the challenge at hand. She was key in helping me identify and work through various scenarios. With encouragement and guidance from Carroll, I was able to evaluate pros and cons and move forward to obtain my goals. My work with Carroll has given me the confidence to believe that I can accomplish anything!

–Attorney specializing in corporate law

After taking a long break to raise my children, I wanted to re-enter the workforce but lacked confidence that my past experience would be marketable now. Also, I wasn’t clear about the type of position I wanted the second time around.
Carroll guided me through the process of clarifying my goals, building a résumé that highlighted my skills and experience, and networking effectively. With her support and guidance I gained the confidence and direction I needed to move forward. She is a compassionate and talented advocate who is devoted to helping her clients realize their dreams.

–Attorney specializing in special education law

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