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With support, you can navigate a transition or aim for peak performance and drive forward the career that you want.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

I tailor my coaching support of professionals to their businesses, leadership and personal challenges, so they can accelerate their personal development and contribute at the highest level throughout their careers. This may include goal setting, executive presence, communication skills, aligning their teams for optimal functioning and achievement, and other strategies for effectively carrying out business imperatives.

Outplacement and Job Search Strategies

I provide a full complement of career support to professionals and organizations after layoff and reorganization both through individual and group settings. Running a job search is an isolating and amorphous process. I provide structure, accountability and support in developing a concrete job search strategy so that you know how to spend your time most effectively and proactively.

Relaunch and Reentry

Are you a professional seeking to return to the paid workworld after a career break to raise children, care for aging parents or deal with an illness? Life sometimes leads us to step away from our careers and returning can be a challenge. I have extensive expertise and experience supporting career relaunchers and am an Affiliate Coach with the On Ramp Fellowship and iRelaunch, a global resource for this demographic.

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Carroll’s counseling was invaluable to me as I prepared to enter a new practice area within the law. Her extensive knowledge of today’s legal market and expert guidance provided me with the assistance I needed to set and achieve my professional goals. Carroll tirelessly provided the support I needed throughout this process.

Carroll guided me every step of the way towards reaching my career goals. She was an effective and experienced career coach who tackled every issue with the utmost professionalism. Carroll gave me the tools to explore many different legal career opportunities and to ultimately find my dream position. I highly recommend Carroll as a consummate legal career coach!


Carroll's coaching and support helped me to be directed and proactive in my career development. Thanks to her insights, I was a stronger, more confident candidate.

Carroll was my personal game changer… a steady and supportive coach who guided me with her expertise and kindness.

With extraordinary counseling and coaching skills, she is sensitive, compassionate, knowledgeable and an excellent listener. I am thrilled to give her my highest recommendation!

Carroll is one of the very best coaches in the legal industry and beyond!

Let’s Work Together

Carroll relies upon her experience as a career coach and counselor to offer each client an engaged and supportive results-driven partnership.

Carroll works with clients in law, business, science and engineering, the arts and numerous other fields, to facilitate career advancement and development, to inspire or motivate change or to assist in one’s achievement of greater professional clarity and decisiveness.

Whether through the practiced methodology of coaching conversations or the objective guidance of career counseling, Carroll’s services can have a critical impact on one’s ability to achieve professional fulfillment and satisfaction, regardless of the current juncture of one’s professional career.

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